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Mold Remediation and Mold Removal in Central Texas

Blackhill Restoration offers mold remediation and mold removal services in the greater Austin, Temple, Belton, Killeen, Bryan, College Station, Houston, Waco, San Antonio, and surrounding Texas communities.

We will provide you with an estimate to determine the mold removal cost. Next, we find where and why the mold is present, then proceed with the mold remediation process of fully disinfecting the area.

Our Mold Removal Process:

  • Identify the Moisture Source
  • Set Up Containment and Air Filtration
  • Remove All Contaminated Items and Materials
  • Mold Remediation
  • Air Duct Mold Removal
  • Post Remediation Verification (PRV) Testing
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Are Some Types of Mold “Toxic” or Dangerous?

There are thousands of different types of mold, such as Cladosporium mold, Chaetomium mold, Penicillium, and black mold – and some are more dangerous than others.

However, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hazards presented by mold that may produce mycotoxins should be considered the same as any other type of mold found in your home or building.

The only way to know the level of danger in a mold infested area is to have it tested by a mold inspector licensed in the state of Texas.

Interestingly, the phrase “toxic mold” isn’t exactly accurate. While certain molds are toxigenic, which means they can produce toxins (more specifically mycotoxins), mold itself isn’t toxic.

Mold Assessments and Mold Estimates

Contact us today to have one of our professional IICRC Mold Certified Estimators perform a mold assessment to determine why you are experiencing excessive mold growth and provide you with a mold estimate on how our team will perform our mold remediation services.

We believe in excellence in everything we do, therefore we strive to provide excellence in our work and our customer service. We will explain each part of the mold removal process to ensure that you are confident in us and our IICRC Mold Certified Technicians.

All our Project Managers and Technicians must complete a series of classes to become IICRC Mold Certified to perform any mold remediation services in your home or business.

With over 70+ years of combined experience, we’ve been serving your home, business, government facilities, hospitals, strip centers, schools, and industrial complexes with the highest standard of care.

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