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Protect Your Home From Fires

Protect Your Home From Fires

Home fires do not always result in the total burning down of the house. In some cases, small fires can ravage a small part of the home. However, even these small fires can damage the house with extreme heat, smoke, or soot.


Even the smallest fires need to be addressed to avoid further damage to your house and its effects. In the case of these accidents, you need to take the following steps to properly restore your home’s integrity.


Inspect the Major Home Areas


After a fire, the house’s integrity can become compromised. You need to have the integrity of the house checked, especially when there is only partial damage to the house. Some of the parts that need to be checked include the roof, the windows, the plumbing and heating, and the walls and framing.


Roofs damaged after a fire can become unstable or moldy, depending on the amount of damage acquired. Heat can also melt the stucco, crack the window frames, or warp the glass panes. Bigger fires can damage pipes and ducts within the walls, so they need to be checked as well.


Checking for these parts not only lets you evaluate if your house is safe, but also how your house fared after the accident for any insurance claims.


Remove and Clean Soot


After checking the home’s integrity comes clean-up. Fires normally cause soot to be everywhere in the house. Soot may appear to be a minor inconvenience, as they are scattered black powdery substance that comes from partially burned matter. They can become dangerous if not properly and professionally cleaned from your home.


Soot can either be dry or oily, depending on the kind of material burned. Each type has a specific method of removal. Leftover or improperly cleaned soot can penetrate into furniture, carpets, and curtains. Thus, it is imperative to get the house professionally cleaned to avoid soot from further damaging your house.


Understand and Check for Partial Loss Insurance Claims


Insurance claims can go a long way in helping your recover after major incidents such as a fire in the home. If your home is only partially damaged and not completely ravaged by a fire, you can apply for a special insurance claim.


Disputes for partial loss claims involve any hidden damages in the ducts or molds and inadequate or improper cleaning methods. Some inconveniences that need to be addressed include delays in claiming the insurance and ensuring that the repairs will be able to bring your house’s appearance back to its former state.


Fires in the home are unfortunate not only for property loss or damage, but also because of the toxins and gases that can be generated when household furniture and products burn. While you can exercise as much caution, there are times when accidents happen.


The best thing to do in the aftermath of such an accident is to properly have your house cleaned so that you can go get back most of your home. To do this, it’s best to consult with and tap a professional cleaner like Blackhill Restoration to address all your clean-up needs. 


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